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Nga Anamosa Profile Pic“I gave my son a copy of Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the “Valor Myths and Legends” series from Tribunal Publications as a gift for his birthday and he absolutely loved it! Both are beautifully illustrated well printed volume. Each Volume contains a summary of the general background of the story, right on the front cover and that makes it easy to follow. The story is full of actions and lots of imaginations about hero Griffon Caine uncovering his father dark past and returning honor to his family name. My son wants to share both of these books to his friends as soon as finish reading them. I believe he likes the action story as well as the beautiful illustrated art work on every page. This is a definitely one of his favorite! If you are interested in mythology and all things magic then it is definitely worth trying out the series. I also recommended for high school and middle school libraries to be a part of their collections.” -Nga Anamosa, May 27, 2015


Nga Anamosa Profile Pic"I love the “Layla’s Grand Adventure – The Friendly Giant”, my two nieces are fascinated with the funny story and the beautiful illustrations of this book. I strongly recommended for toddlers and preschoolers as a part of their book collections. I have two English versions of this book, one has large print, perfect for my preschooler’s niece who wants to read it by herself! The other version is smaller but full of beautiful art work on every page, perfect for my little 3 years old niece who wants to see and listen to the story at her bedtime. I also have the Spanish version which becomes useful for whoever wants to learn Spanish or for Spanish speaking family, it’s such a great idea!" -Nga Anamosa, May 27, 2015