Layla’s Grand Adventure

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Layla's Grand Adventure, #1

In this first issue of Layla's Grand Adventure, Layla the Beaver goes about her usual day to day in her home in the woods. She's more than happy to be on her own and rely only on herself until an accident at the river traps her under the rubble of a beaver's dam. Never one to trust or depend on anyone, Layla suddenly finds herself in a position to have to put her total trust in the most unlikely of people. Come join Layla's Grand Adventure as she learns the benefit of opening her heart and the value of trust. Original children's book written by Oneida Valle with full color artwork by artist Mike Valle.

Layla's Grand Adventure 1 Cover

"The Friendly Giant"

Available in English and Spanish.

Both Print and Digital Formats.

Written by Oneida Valle.

Art by Mike Valle.

Full Color, 12pgs

Release Date: Available Now.